• Solve your foot problems
  • Solve your foot problems
  • Solve your foot problems


Our mission is to provide superior, comprehensive foot treatment for patients in a clinical atmosphere that is caring and responsive to current and long-term patient needs. We specialize in traditional and innovative podiatry services to patients in both the private and public healthcare sectors. We are committed to the advancement of new techniques, the development of research and actively participate in professional education and continuing professional development.

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How to maintain healthy feet?

Regardless of the current condition of your feet, you can take actions to reach or maintain healthy feet for a lifetime.

Simple steps for taking good care of your feet include:
*** wash and inspect your feet every day *** choose a quality brand of footwear that fits well and feels comfortable ñ
*** wear footwear that is appropriate for the activity you are performing (such as hiking shoes for hik-ing; running shoes for running)
*** break new footwear in gradually; replace when the footwear loses its shock-absorbing ability
*** control your weight (less weight means less pressure on your feet and legs)
*** exercise daily to maintain circulation and muscle tone
*** avoid crossing your legs (crossing your legs increases pressure on the nerves and blood vessels)
*** see a podiatrist on a regular basis.

From your first baby steps you take and in all phases throughout your life, having healthy feet is important. You only have one pair of feet to last a lifetime so take good care of them!

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